Being a business owner and entrepreneur is one of the most rewarding careers a person can choose. It is also one of the hardest. It’s a never-ending source of wins, losses, excitement, challenges and lots of hard work.

If that’s the life you’re living, we have a question for you: Are you really getting everything you want from it?

If you’re not sure, try answering these questions. They’re a pretty good sample of what it looks like to get what you want from your business. Just make sure you’re completely honest with yourself:

  1. Is your company growing as fast as you want it to?
  2. Is it generating as much profit and cash as you want it to?
  3. Are you satisfied with the effort and contribution you’re getting from your people?
  4. Are you in control of your business, so that you and your team spend your time on the things you plan to do, and spend little, if any, time fighting fires?
  5. Are you having fun running your business every day?
  6. Is the value of your business independent of you, meaning that if you wanted to sell it, you could get a great price and not have to stay with it if you didn’t want to?
  7. Can you take a 3-week vacation, completely disconnect from your business, and be confident that everything is running just fine?

If you answered “no” to some of these questions, we have good news for you. It just makes you normal. We’ve asked these questions of literally hundreds of business owners, and we’ve never gotten past Question 3 without getting a no. Ever. It turns out that NOT getting everything you want from your business is the normal state for almost all business owners.

But there’s more good news.  It doesn’t have to be that way.

For any business to be successful, it must have a sound economic reason for it to exist—a value proposition and business model that make sense.  But that’s just table stakes. Not every business with a great value proposition thrives. In fact, most don’t, and many of them fail.

The ones that thrive, the ones whose owners ARE getting everything they want, execute brilliantly day-in and day-out. They know how to create and sustain focus, alignment, discipline, cohesion and accountability.

This doesn’t happen by accident. It happens when you put a strong “operating system” in place. We know because we’ve helped hundreds of companies do this and we’ve seen the results.

If you’d like this to be your future, click here to begin your journey.