Platinum Pest Solutions provides pest control services to large multi-family residential properties in greater Chicago. Their core business model is to sign a master contract with the property manager, and then provide services as needed to individual residents.

When COVID-19 hit, property managers became reluctant to allow Platinum’s technicians into their buildings and residents became afraid to allow them into their units. That was bad for everyone. Residents started having more pest problems. Property managers started getting more complaints. And Platinum’s revenues took a big hit.

Platinum’s response led them to create an entire new service offering, which in turn helped them quickly rebuild their core service revenues.

Here’s what Brandon Gile, Platinum’s Director of Sales had to say about how the EOS® tools  enabled the company to adapt and respond.

“By mid-March, with so much happening so fast, we decided to augment our weekly Leadership Team meeting with a daily Same Page meeting to our weekly L10. We watched our Scorecard numbers carefully and saw them begin to slide.

Using IDS® (the EOS® Issue-Solving Process), we realized that we needed to find a way to eliminate the fear we were seeing from property managers and their residents. We decided to purchase disinfecting equipment and create a new offering where we disinfect common areas while servicing residents’ units. So now, instead of us being a necessary evil, we’re actually making the building safer by being there. The response was so positive that we decided to make it a formal addition to our list of services. Within two weeks of going live with it, we added over $200k of Disinfectant Services to our pipeline. We’re a small company – that’s a huge win for us.

We’re so grateful to still be in business and serving our customers, which is something a lot of companies haven’t been able to do. Looking back over the past several months, the most amazing thing is how quickly and efficiently we were able to tackle COVID-19. Our Vision and Values were clear. We understood our Core Processes. We had Right People in Right Seats to execute them. We knew what numbers to watch and how to stay together as a team, see what was going on and make good decisions quickly. So when COVID-19 hit, it was just another issue that needed to be solved.”

Simple tools. Effective process. Great results.

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