One of the companies we’re proud to call a client is Hillerich & Bradsby, maker of the iconic Louisville Slugger bats used in Major League Baseball. They also make an assortment of sports gloves and golf equipment.

When COVID-19 shut down baseball, other sports and tourism, their business revenue was severely impacted. As you can see in this video, they quickly shifted their glove supply chain into the production of anti-bacterial face masks, donating a portion of the proceeds to food banks. Although it’s not shown in the video, they also re-purposed their national distribution center, turning it into a shipping point for PPE of all kinds.

Here’s what Kevin Harbeson, the company’s day-to-day operating leader, had to say about how the Implementation of EOS® has helped their company adapt and respond:

“I can pinpoint three huge benefits we’ve gotten from implementing EOS®.

First, we worked hard up front to get our Core Values and Core Focus absolutely clear, and to make sure everyone in the company is aligned with them. Knowing exactly who we are, why we’re here and where we’re going keeps us pointed in the right direction. That lets us make big decisions both faster and better than we used to.

Second, we now have a structured process in place for team members to help set goals and to know that they’re accountable to themselves and each other for getting them done. That’s translated into huge performance gains. We just plain get more done.

Third, when the pandemic ramped up in early March, we, like every company, had a huge list of issues to address. What we have now that we didn’t used to have is a process for solving those issues. We know how to whiteboard them, prioritize them, get the right people involved and get to good solutions quickly and effectively. We used that process to build our plan.

The result is that Maskonic went from visionary idea to new product offering in record time. It’s helping fight COVID-19, it’s helping the company, and it’s helping people in need because we’re donating some of the proceeds to Feeding America.

It was especially gratifying, even with a displaced workforce, to see how our divisional and departmental teams all pulled together to make this happen. It took everyone, and Accountability remained high resulting in success.

This is what the heartbeat of a strong company sounds like. We couldn’t be prouder of H&B or more thrilled to have been part of their journey.

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