About Us

We are certified EOS® Implementers here to help you transform your business and attain the success you always knew was possible. We are business owners and leaders. We have experienced the frustrations of stagnation and the euphoria of success. In other words, we get it.

The Traction Group is a team of Chicago-area certified EOS Implementers. We have been professionally trained by EOS Worldwide and maintain the highest standard of knowledge and expertise in EOS implementation. We will provide you with proven tools and processes to get the growth, success and freedom that you want.

Based on the best-selling book, Traction: Get a Grip on Your Business, the Entrepreneurial Operating System® has helped thousands of businesses reach their potential. We know that many books and systems describe business success, but don’t provide the real-world tools to help you obtain it. EOS is different—it is a proven and self-sustaining holistic organizational operating system that will make everyone in your company accountable for its growth.

Your Traction Group EOS Implementer is not a consultant, but a business coach who will work with you to implement essential and easy-to-use resources to increase your focus and propel your business forward. We don’t just solve the symptoms. We give you the tools to solve the underlying issues that create them.

Contact us for a free consultation. We’ll show you how Traction® will improve your life and transform your business.

What is a certified EOS Implementer?

Each member of our EOS Implementer team has been certified to professionally assist you in reaching the full potential of your business. We combine a passion for helping entrepreneurs and their leadership teams by:

Teaching every tool in the EOS Toolbox™

Facilitating clarity, alignment and resolution

Coaching EOS purity, accountability and helping your leadership team become its best


Paul Detlefs

Paul Detlefs Paul has a lifelong passion for entrepreneurship (he had three small ventures before he turned 16) and especially for helping entrepreneurial business owners and their teams achieve their dreams.He has spent his entire business career advising and guiding small and mid-sized businesses and...

Sean McDermott

Sean McDermott Sean’s passion is helping owners and their leadership teams realize that their dream of building a great company is possible … and then helping them do it.He brings a unique perspective that reflects his 30+ years of experience in the world of entrepreneurial business. He spent...

John McMahon

John McMahon John has a passion for helping companies create cultures that embrace and harness the power of everyone in the business.Before becoming an EOS® Implementer, John served as the COO and part-owner of a privately-held marketing services company from 2004-2014.  During this time, he...

Bobi Siembieda

Bobi Siembieda Bobi knows that entrepreneurship is the economic engine of our great country, and has a deep passion for the people, ingenuity and innovation that make it work.  An entrepreneur herself, Bobi has worked in, managed, serviced, run and grown entrepreneurial companies for 35+...

Dan Wallace

Dan Wallace Dan has a deep passion for helping his clients achieve moments of insight, where they see things in new ways and gain knowledge that they can use to unlock and achieve their potential.Dan has been helping business owners and leaders build and realize...

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Dani Nichols

I wasn’t prepared for how radically working with an EOS Implementer was going to change our company and me. The focus we have now, the energy we have now, is completely different. Our planning is so much more crystal clear than it was before. I feel like our Implementer has empowered me to be the best leader I can be.

Dani Nichols,

Matt Cushing

I wanted a coach to hold us accountable for getting things done. Being able to pick up the phone and ask questions, and rely on our Implementer’s years of experience running businesses is what we needed.

Matt Cushing,
First Choice Dental Lab

Steve Coven

Our EOS Implementer gave us the tools we needed to set goals and chart a path. I would read a lot of books and think ‘yes, that’s it!’ but none of the books ever told you how to accomplish those things. This is different: their process boils down all these other ideas and puts them into a plan where you can act.

Steve Coven,

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Contact us for a complimentary consultation with one of our certified EOS Implementers. We’ll explain our process, and show you how to get a grip on your business and achieve the entrepreneurial success you’ve always imagined.

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