A Brave Thing to Do

This company is the result of the merger of two smaller businesses, each of which brought very strong leaders to the table. They like and respect one another, and everyone believes the business combination was a good idea. They’re committed to creating one business, one team and one culture. They also are very inclusive and don’t want anyone to feel shut out.

Bad Apples and Culture

At the start of a recent client session, as we were going around the table and checking in, the Head of Finance said this:

“Since Tim left, the mood in my department is much better. In fact, it’s not just my department. It seems like across the entire company, the mood is better, the energy level is higher, and people are getting more done.”

How To Rip the Band-Aid Off

In a recent post, I encouraged you to “rip the band-aid off” when someone has to leave your company. When someone is the Wrong Person (doesn’t fit your Core Values and Culture), Wrong Seat (in a job they don’t GWC®, Get It, Want It, Capacity to Do It and we can’t fix it), or both, the reality is that they have to go.