Are You On a Path to Your Stanley Cup?

For many people, the first signs of warm weather represent the beginning of summer. Not for me.  In my world, summer only begins in the middle of June, when some scruffy, bruised and battered hockey team in some fortunate city trots the Stanley Cup out to center ice and hands it to their scruffy, bruised and battered captain.

Lombardi Time

A few years ago, I went up to Green Bay, WI to see the Bears play the Packers on a Monday night. My son and I made the trip with my wife’s brother and his son, who live in the LA area but somehow are huge Packers fans. When we arrived at the stadium on Sunday afternoon for a tour, my nephew said, “look at the clock.” I said “OK, it’s 1:15”. Then he said, “look at your watch.” I saw it was 1:00 and remembered about “Lombardi Time.”

The “Let Go” List

If you’ve found your way to this page, then you just might be that founder, owner and visionary who really struggles to let go. The company is your baby. You’ve had a hand in every aspect of it for years, and you don’t know how to feel comfortable unless you keep doing that. If that sounds like you (or the person you work for), don’t worry. You have plenty of company. And there’s hope.