The High Impact and Low Cost of Recognition

Human beings are hard-wired to crave recognition. When we know that others are seeing us in a positive light, our brains release a few chemicals into our systems that makes us feel good both physically and emotionally. This feeling encourages us to engage or move towards the source that triggered it. In short, we move closer because we want more of that feeling.

Bad Apples and Culture

At the start of a recent client session, as we were going around the table and checking in, the Head of Finance said this:

“Since Tim left, the mood in my department is much better. In fact, it’s not just my department. It seems like across the entire company, the mood is better, the energy level is higher, and people are getting more done.”

Are You On a Path to Your Stanley Cup?

For many people, the first signs of warm weather represent the beginning of summer. Not for me.  In my world, summer only begins in the middle of June, when some scruffy, bruised and battered hockey team in some fortunate city trots the Stanley Cup out to center ice and hands it to their scruffy, bruised and battered captain.